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Try the dry

Walking up to a crystal clear creek during late summer can be an intimidating prospect. Spooky fish, lots of bug activity...where does an angler begin? When you are working a river or creek that is known for caddis activity, we'll say go with the dry first. Typically, we'll advocate for watching, flipping some rocks, getting a feel for the area. But this time of year will always have some fish looking up, and usually big fish! A terrestrial/dropper might spook them. A nymph rig might do the same. So if you're in the Black Hills, throw on your favorite 16-18 caddis pattern. This presentation drops like a feather, floats high and dry, and is a very pretty sight to most fish. If you carry two rods, this is an easy option. Begin with the solo caddis, then float a terrestrial dropper or nymph rig through the hole. You might be surprised when a 20" brown crashes that caddis on the second float, but we won't. Just make sure you come into the shop and tell us about it after it happens!