The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: What is considered a good day of fly fishing?

When taking clients out on the water we often get asked the simple question, “What is a good day of fly fishing?” This phrase often translates to - "how many fish do we need to catch in order for it to be considered a good to excellent day of fishing." I often answer with the standard, “it depends on the day and what mood the fish are in!”. But this got my wheels spinning as to what I believe a good day of fishing really is.

The common myth attached to measuring success is that you need to catch a bunch of fish (preferably large ones) in order for it to be considered a good day. Sure, we are all after those 50+ fish days or hooking into that 24” brown. But fishing has so much more to offer than just catching fish.

Some of my most memorable days on the water this year have revolved around spending time with quality people and having a good laugh with one another. This sport can take you into some of the most beautiful locations in the world and the fly fishing community contains many great individuals. Fly fishing is much more than just catching fish. It is about getting outside away from that TV, interacting with people that share your passion, and improving your abilities as an angler whether it be through bettering your casting technique or figuring out which bugs the fish are eating.

So next time you go fishing really focus on trying to enjoy yourself out there. Even when the going gets tough, try not to take fly fishing so seriously! I promise it will be a successful day...even if you do get skunked. Just remember a good day of fishing is any day on the water.

Tight Lines!