Great Fishing Movies of all Time

A friend quoted one of our favorite fishing movies at the tying table the other night. It got me thinking about the great fishing movies that have graced the big screen. I can't say that there are many, but here are five that you should check out during the winter months. I know there are some that didn't make the cut, but this is a start to your winter binge watching:

#1 - Grumpy Old Men: Not only is this one of the greatest fishing movies of all time, it is one of the great "one line" sources of all time. So many one liners, in fact, that there is an IMDb page dedicated to quotes from the flick. I really need to watch this movie again.

#2 - Grumpier Old Men: Sequels usually leave much to be desired, but this movie carries on right where they left off. Hilarity ensues.

#3 - Doc of the Drakes: This is a 20 min short film about a doctor fishing the drake hatch in Idaho. He has Parkinson's. Inspirational, captivating, funny and genuine. The sequel, "Hit em again Doc", is also great, but not as good.

#4 - A River Runs Through It: I certainly enjoyed this movie when I was younger, but I don't seem to appreciate it as much now that I am a fly fishing enthusiast. This has become a benchmark for anyone who doesn't fish to gain perspective into the lives of those who do. That is not the most fair assessment, in my opinion. Still a pretty good movie though.

#5 - Where the Yellowstone Goes: A Hunter Weeks documentary following a group of people as they drift the Yellowstone. They discuss the history of the Yellowstone River, current challenges facing this delicate ecosystem and how we can better care for our valuable natural resources. They meet colorful characters along the way and, of course, do a little fishing in the process. It was fun to watch.

#6 - Low & Clear: During a winter fly fishing trip to Canada, two friends, J.T. Van Zandt and Alex "Xenie" Hall, find out how drastically they have grown apart over the years. This film will make you laugh, ponder, and pontificate. Finally some perspective is provided into the idea that fishing is not about catching fish. When two different approaches to the sport collide, a friendship is stretched to the breaking point.

Next time you are sitting around the tying desk during the winter time, pop one of these in the DVD/Blu Ray. What movies are on your list? Let’s expand our angling movie horizons together.