Fishing Report June 16, 2019

High water throughout the hills has left much of Rapid Creek unfishable. Dryer conditions over the past several days has opened up opportunities in other streams and creeks. High water is a great time to try out big nymphs and streamers. San Juan Worms, bitch creek, jig PT's/hares ear (with a hot spot), tung teasers, and large midge larva should work well. You may find a few sections where fish are looking up. They'll likely be taking caddis, large cream midges, BWO's or callibaetis, little yellow stoneflies, damsel's, or PMD's. You never know when a fish might be willing to eat a terrestrial, especially this time of year. Don't be afraid to try a big beetle pattern, high-vis ant, or hopper if they are out. Drop a big nymph off the back, just in case.

For streamers: egg-sucking leech, kreelex, thin mint, black/olive buggers will work great. Anything that can imitate a big dragonfly nymph or crawdad should catch you fish.

Fast water can be intimidating, but those fish are well designed for holding and feeding in current. Don't shy away from the high water, and you'll have some great days fishing the hills ahead of you. Call us at the shop for tying supplies, flies, and guided trips.