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Fishing Report 8-9-19

Spearfish Creek – Fishing has been steady throughout the spearfish creek drainage. While the canyon and "in town" fishing will get the most attention, don't overlook following the creek northwest as it flows out of town for different scenery and less pressured fish. Exploring those backroads can be fun, but be sure to ask for permission before fishing on private property. Hopper droppers, beetles and tungteasers, jig style PT's and quill nymphs will be your best producers.

For a bonus, check out Cox Lake, west of Spearfish. This time of year can bring hungry stocked rainbows to the surface for big hoppers! There is a handicap accessible dock for casting, but it is best fished from a float tube or canoe. Be aware of the friendly neighborhood snapping turtles who may beg for fish by your side. The best part is how the lake is structured. Formed from a large sinkhole, the majority of the lake is 2-2.5 ft deep until it drops straight into the abyss near the center. Very eerie and exciting feeling to fish there. A must see!

Whitewood creek - You can catch little brown trout all throughout the town of Deadwood, and it is challenging! The game production area northwest of town has also been very productive, but get's plenty of pressure from other guides and explorers. This is a great place to hike or bike as well, if you're looking to mix it up a bit. Smaller flies and thinner line will help you catch fish in this section of water.

Rapid Creek flows are almost down to 300 cfs in town which has us much more willing to try the fishing there if in the area. You'll still be chucking nymphs and streamers, but they will be much easier to manage, and you'll find plenty of fat, happy fish. You will likely see bugs hatching, but flows are still too high for much surface feeding activity. Don't force it, it will be here before you know it.

Spring Creek – If you did want some dry fly fishing, this is one of the places you can find it right now. Tricos and caddis are around early and late, and you can fish other terrestrials the rest of the day. Don't get fancy with your nymphs, PT's, hot spot hares ears, tung-teasers will do the trick.

Big rains last week flooded the town of Custer, and left French creek blown out. Give that some time to get back to normal before checking it out. In the meantime, check out the great lakes spread throughout the park (especially for warmwater species) and the six dams located in the Grace Coolidge Walk In Area. That can be some fun fishing to go along with a beautiful hike.

Tight lines and good fishing from all of us at Spearfish Creek Fly Shop!