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Fishing Report 7-26-19

The rain continues to fall here and there, but stream levels are getting back to fishable around the Black Hills.

Spearfish Creek is flowing normal (around 85 cfs) and fish can be found all throughout the canyon, through town, and outside of town. This time of year is always a dry-dropper setup for us. Foam Beetles, klinkhammers, hippy stompers, stimulators, foam hopper...anything that wills stay buoyant and visible will be a good option for your dry. Don't be afraid to fish a larger bug this time of year. Fish are hungry and looking for a lot of protein for little effort! Drop off the back a tung teaser, jig style hares ear or hot spot PT for those fish staying down. Straight nymphing will work too, you just might not get those fish looking up. Bring a few rods and make both presentations at each hole for best results.

Rapid Creek is still rushing over 500 cfs. Yes, it's fishable. Is it fun chucking big weights into rushing water? To some people it is when you're catching fish. Cut the flows in half and we'll be on Rapid Creek with more regularity. The fish that are there are BIG! So when water levels do come down, you are not going to want to miss it! Until then, above, below or in town is not recommended on Rapid Creek.

Hoppers and beetles are becoming more a part of the story on Castle, and will continue to do so as water levels come down. This is one of our favorite spots to watch browns and brookies destroy terrestrials! And this style of fishing will continue all the way into the fall, so tie some up and get out there. Use them now when you can, otherwise, big jig style nymphs, bitch creeks, and midge larva will catch you fish in Castle. Below the dam is still running a bit high, but you can catch fish on the bends and in seams.

Crow Creek is another one of our favorite sports for fishing big bugs on top! Right now it's fishing great, and there are big fish to be had in this small, picturesque creek. Give us a call at the shop and we can show you some of our favorite spots on Crow. If you go on your own, be mindful of rattlesnakes. It's rugged country. Our number at the shop is (605-717-2982). Let us know if we can help you find your next Black Hills adventure.