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Fishing Report 7-22-19

Streams are still a bit high, but fishing has been lights out throughout the Black Hills. Spearfish Creek is running at 84 cfs in town, which is very fishable water. Fish are even beginning to look up! Try a beetle or hippie stomper with a tung teaser dropped off the back. The beetle won't catch all the fish, but there will be a few that find it appealing. In the canyon is fishing well too. Deep nymph rigs will work best in pockets and seems. Don't overlook pocket water, it can be some of the best fishing in the canyon.

Castle Creek down by Deerfield reservoir is high, but fishable. Deep nymph rigs run along shore and seems will be the best bet. Jig style nymph will work best because there are a lot of snags in that creek!

Plenty of options in Rapid City. Spring creek below Sheridan has plenty of fish willing to eat a fly. Worm patterns and larger nymphs are great options. If you're ok with not moving as many fish, through on a big streamer to see some pigs.

In Rapid City is still really high. Fishing is possible with heavy nymph rigs and streamers, but there are better options.

Sand Creek in WY is a great option right now. Slow and steady will not only help you catch more fish, but will help you keep an eye open for rattlers as well.

Lakes and streams within Custer State Park are a good option, but there will be quite a few people around. If you have a float boat or pontoon, Center lake and Sylvan lake can be a lot of fun in the morning and evenings.

The best option is to just call us at the shop (605-717-2982) and get a guided trip scheduled. We'll put you on fish and help you get a feel for this higher water.