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Fishing Report 6-28-19

Mother Nature has turned up the heat in South Dakota! Luckily for us (and the fish), the full creeks and reservoirs offer a bit of respite from the heat and humidity.

Spearfish Creek: Unlike the rest of the hills, Spearfish Creek is about normal for this time of year. This means you do not have to fight the current and slap the water with tons of weight. Light tippets and small flies will produce the best results. Pheasant tails, hares ears, zebra midges, and even some dries (caddis and BWO) can be found in Spearfish right now. If you need a few pointers, let us know.

Rapid Creek: Really rushing hard. Fishing within Rapid City can be done, but you need to find some seems and you'll need a lot of weight to get the flies to the fish. If you can do that, you'll catch them. Streamers are also working. Throw them up along the bank and into deep holes and twitch them back in. Don't be surprised if a big brown chases it down. Use articulated patterns for best results.

Spring Creek: Fishing below Sheridan lake has been very hot lately. Weight and worms (san juans) have been the game. Larger nymphs will also catch fish. A lot of bugs around, you can experience some epic caddis hatches right now, but the fish will not be looking up for them. Just enjoy the clouds of caddis flying around.

Castle Creek: Water is still high and cold. Fishing larger jig-style nymphs will work best with all of the debris spread throughout. Work the bends and seems and make sure you are getting down to the fish.

Lakes: Canyon lake, Pactola, Sheridan, Deerfield can all be fished with confidence. Streamers (leeches and minnow patterns in black and olive) are working in addition to nymph rigs fished a bit deeper. If variety spices up your fly fishing, these lakes might be a good stop for you. Bring a float tube or pontoon boat for best access.