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Black Hills Fishing Report 8-31-19


The water is about as good as it can be right now and fishing is responding accordingly. It doesn't really matter what you throw at these fish right now, top, bottom, big, small...these fish are eating stuff up! The biggest advice we can give...get out and catch some fish right now!

Spearfish Creek is fishing like is has been lately...SO GOOD! Really no reason to fish anywhere else in the hills unless you want a bit of change in scenery. Dry Dropper rigs are the way to go right now. Put a hopper, stimulators, ants, or beetle on with a few go-to nymphs underneath. Smaller dries are best if going solo, 18-20's caddis (especially in the evening) are money in town right now. Plenty of fish under banks and in deeper seems will come up and take that dry if you float it right. Keep it high and dry for better results. Be sure to check your knots after you catch a few fish too, those teeth can make you lose a fly for no reason. Find spots where people are common and work slowly.

Crow Creek has some good fishing, but it will challenge the best of anglers. Fishing around the green stuff can be frustrating, and spooky fish add to the challenge. But there are a lot of fish, so try some dry flies and a small dropper in open areas around weeds, banks and structure.

Rapid Creek: There are a lot of components to Rapid Creek. Above Pactola, below Pactola, and in town. All are fishing well, but the lower stretches are your best bet for high quality fish and fishing right now. Larger nymphs and streamers will be your best bet right now, but you can still find some dry fly opportunities. Smaller BWO and PMD nymphs, tung teasers, pheasant tails and hares ears will all be good flies to try. Throwing in a hot spot never hurts. Scuds can be a great fly to use this time of year as well, and one that can help get your flies down if necessary. Bring two rods with a few different rigs to catch a few more fish in every hole. Terrestrials are still working well, too. Don't be afraid to go big with a Chernobyl or high flying foam hoppers that are easy to see. Look for hatches in the evenings and downsize your presentation to trick those picky fish looking up. Bigger nymphs in town will catch bigger fish. The riffles might look like super fast water, but you need to remember that trout feel right at home there, and are happy to try flies just to see if they taste good. Look for caddis and PMD's in the evening.

If you want to go full on terrestrial, we'd send you to Castle Creek. Beetles and hoppers are going to catch you fish all day long, and you can double your catch rate with a midge, jig style hares ear wet fly, or tungteaser tied on as a dropper.

Upper Spearfish, Box Elder creek, Hanna creek, and Whitewood are all fishing pretty good now too. You can't really go wrong anywhere you go in the Black Hills. Give us a call at the shop when you are ready for your next adventure. (605-717-2982).

Tight lines and good fishing from all of us at Spearfish Creek Fly Shop!