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4th of July Fishing Report

Spearfish Creek: Running about 140 cfs right now, but it will come back down to normal flows soon. Get your nymph rigs out to hit seams, pockets, and edges, but have your dry fly gear ready just in case you can catch a caddis hatch or see other terrestrials around. Try a big hippy stomper at every hole you fish to make sure there aren't fish looking up. Drop a tung teaser behind it to catch those fish holding in the middle of the column. Great fishing right now!

Rapid Creek: Still super high, and will get higher after the most recent rains. Below the dam and in town is fishable with heavy rigs, san juan/squirmy worms and big jig flies. You can still throw streamers along the bank and into deep holes to move fish too, but it is a challenge. If you put in the time and have enough weight on your rig, you'll catch fish.

Spring Creek: Still really high, but likely your best bet for numbers and variety right now. Nymphs and streamers are your best bet. Seek out structure, rocks, pockets, seams, etc to find more (and bigger) fish. You might even find some fish chasing adults, so keep the dry fly rod ready just in case.

Castle Creek: Water is still high and cold. Fish large nymphs with weight to get it down. Stick to the bends and seams to try and slow your presentation.

French Creek: Is about back to normal. You can find some fish downstream of Blue Bell lodge with big hares ears and hot spot pheasant tails. If you see rises, put on a caddis or stimulator. You might even find some big bluegills or bass from Stockade.