Fishing Report

big brown in town.png

If you like catching big fish on dry flies...Spearfish is the place to fish right now. The brownie above was caught, in town, on a parachute adams...size 22!! Autumn is in the air, hunting seasons are beginning all around us, but this is the best time to be out wetting a line. All over the Black Hills. The colors of the fish will surpass those of the foliage, but the only way to see them up close is to get out and catch a few.


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It's autumn in the Black Hills. Fishing...for all intents and unbelievable. There ins't really a lot else to say about it. Here is what we know:

How do you want to catch fish? Dries? terrestrials? Nymphs? All we can say is YES to everything. You can do it all right now. Bring two rods and try multiple approaches for maximum fish-catching power!

Rivers, creeks, streams, lakes, puddles...they all have fish...

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The water is about as good as it can be right now and fishing is responding accordingly. It doesn't really matter what you throw at these fish right now, top, bottom, big, small...these fish are eating stuff up! The biggest advice we can give...get out and catch some fish right now!

Spearfish Creek is fishing like is has been lately...SO GOOD! Really no reason to fish anywhere...

Aug canyon rainbow.jpg

Spearfish Creek is on fire right now! There's no reason to go anywhere else, really. Fishing in town and in the canyon is great and a variety of presentations can be utilized to catch fish. Terrestrials and dries are a great place to start. Work with a dropper (or even two) to get a few extra hookups. Beetles, ants, hoppers, and caddis (hint: size 18 caddis) will be your best bet. Morning and evening, even if you don't see caddis coming...

August brown.jpg

Spearfish Creek is always our favorite place to start in the Black Hills. This magical clear water holds fish through town and the canyon. There are some toads roaming throughout, so if you put in your time, you could come across a 4+ pounder! We recommend hitting those places where people are commonly seen. Near the parks, bike paths, and around bridges. The clear water can make fish a bit spooky, but when they see activity all the time,...

spearfish creek brown.jpg

Spearfish Creek – Fishing has been steady throughout the spearfish creek drainage. While the canyon and "in town" fishing will get the most attention, don't overlook following the creek northwest as it flows out of town for different scenery and less pressured fish. Exploring those backroads can be fun, but be sure to ask for permission before fishing on private property. Hopper droppers, beetles and tungteasers, jig style PT's and quill...

box elder creek brown 1.png

The rain continues to fall here and there, but stream levels are getting back to fishable around the Black Hills.

Spearfish Creek is flowing normal (around 85 cfs) and fish can be found all throughout the canyon, through town, and outside of town. This time of year is always a dry-dropper setup for us. Foam Beetles, klinkhammers, hippy stompers, stimulators, foam hopper...anything that wills stay buoyant and visible will be a good...

the release - big brown.png

Streams are still a bit high, but fishing has been lights out throughout the Black Hills. Spearfish Creek is running at 84 cfs in town, which is very fishable water. Fish are even beginning to look up! Try a beetle or hippie stomper with a tung teaser dropped off the back. The beetle won't catch all the fish, but there will be a few that find it appealing. In the canyon is fishing well too. Deep nymph rigs will work best in pockets and...

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Spearfish Creek: Running about 140 cfs right now, but it will come back down to normal flows soon. Get your nymph rigs out to hit seams, pockets, and edges, but have your dry fly gear ready just in case you can catch a caddis hatch or see other terrestrials around. Try a big hippy stomper at every hole you fish to make sure there aren't fish looking up. Drop a tung teaser behind it to catch those fish holding in the middle of the...

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Mother Nature has turned up the heat in South Dakota! Luckily for us (and the fish), the full creeks and reservoirs offer a bit of respite from the heat and humidity.

Spearfish Creek: Unlike the rest of the hills, Spearfish Creek is about normal for this time of year. This means you do not have to fight the current and slap the water with tons of weight. Light tippets and small flies will produce the best results. Pheasant...

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Fishing in the Black Hills is starting to get back to normal. Stream flows, for the most part, are dropping to more manageable levels throughout the hills, although Rapid Creek is still high (and unfishable) in most areas. Fishing within Rapid City is confined to slower stretches where you'll need to get down a bit deeper to find success. Don't mess with nymphs right now, just chuck streamers. You'll catch fish and won't have to worry as...


High water throughout the hills has left much of Rapid Creek unfishable. Dryer conditions over the past several days has opened up opportunities in other streams and creeks. High water is a great time to try out big nymphs and streamers. San Juan Worms, bitch creek, jig PT's/hares ear (with a hot spot), tung teasers, and large midge larva should work well. You may find a few sections where fish are looking up. They'll likely be taking...