Youth Fly Fishing

Introduce your child to the basics of fly fishing by enrolling them in our Youth Fly Fishing Class!


Spearfish Creek Fly Shop offers a 4 hour fishing outing for young anglers ages 8 and older.

This is a program designed especially for young anglers; designed to show them the basics of fly fishing and hopefully create a lifelong interest.

Our program includes time spent learning the basics of fly casting, information about the different types of insects fishing flies imitate, and at least 2 hours spent fishing private fish ponds that contain rainbow trout up to 12 inches.

We absolutely guarantee the aspiring young anglers will catch a rainbow trout up to 12 inches or more!

We do ask the young anglers have a parent present during the actual fly fishing and wear a life jacket, as the private ponds we fish are fairly deep. Fishing is done from the banks of the fishing ponds. We use barbless hooks, and the fishing is catch and release.

To ensure each child has a rewarding experience, we provide them with all the necessary fly fishing equipment, including rods, reels, waders, and flies.

Make your trip to South Dakota a lasting memory, and start your child on an outstanding outdoor activity that will last a lifetime.

Class Scheduling is flexible, but should be done in advance. Limit of 2 students per session.

Enrollment Cost: $200.00 per angler


  • 4 hour session
  • Lunch with the instructor
  • 8 x 10 color photo of your angler catching a rainbow trout in the Black Hills
  • Spearfish Creek Fly Shop cap
  • Printed materials to take home to further explain fly fishing and fly tying

For any additional information, please give us a call at 605-717-2982!